GAT-1 / GAT-2

GAT-1 / GAT-2


The GAT devices perform remote control and notification via the GSM network using SMS and telephone calls, while at the same time they can perform local automation with their hybrid (analog/digital) inputs and the relay outputs.
These devices are a combination of two units, a communication controller (GSM controller) and a programmable logic controller (PLC). The two units work together but operate independently, without blocking each other.

Having these capabilities, the GAT devices can provide solutions to installations with requirements like:

  • Monitoring the operation and immediate alarm in the event of problem.

  • Remote control and data recall in remote facilities.

  • Installations with needs for monitoring / alarm / remote control / parameters-setup from distance.

  • Communication / data-transfer between installations (M2M, Machine to Machine).

Their applications include industry and home installations, such as:

  • Pumping stations / tanks
  • Ιrrigation boreholes
  • Greenhouses
  • Warehouses / silos / refrigerators
  • Remote buildings, cottages
  • Security systems, controlled staff access

The GAT devices combine the capabilities of GSM controllers and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

They support:

  • Full command set for functional parameters and communication setup, immediate I/O control and status check.
  • Structured Text programming language, which is able to execute complex tasks utilizing algorithms and mathematics.

The device programming can be done via SMS or via USB / SMS with the help of the "GAT Communicator" software. The operating system of the GAT devices can be updated via USB.



The voltage inputs can be connected to a wide range of peripherals, including:

  • Mechanical contacts, such as switches / buttons, relay contacts etc.

  • Active sensors / level monitors with digital/transistor outputs.

  • Sensors with a voltage output of 0..10V / 0..20mA, to measure quantities such as temperature, liquid level, pressure, humidity, electric voltage/current etc.

  • Variable resistors of various types such as thermistors, light sensors, potentiometers for measuring temperature, light level, mechanical position/angle etc.

The outputs are independent Relay contacts, controlled via the remote-control functions and / or through the automation program.

The relays (OMROM/PANASONIC) contained in the GAT devices are of high strength and speed and are capable of providing reliable control "forever".

The outputs can be used to control loads such as pumps, heating/cooling, lighting etc. or to give signals / commands to other devices such as PLCs, inverters etc. 


The devices can connect via the USB port with the support software "GAT communicator", which greatly facilitates the installer / user to create specific applications for his needs.

The software can be installed on any computer running Windows (XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 10) and offers a user-friendly interface for device configuration, application development, and device status control.



The GATcomm software preprocessor checks the text in the editor window for syntax and other errors and alerts the user to them, while improving the understanding of the program with color text highlighting, structured text alignment, and macro usage.


The basic settings of the device are made through understandable dialog boxes, without the need to learn codes, commands, syntax rules, etc.
For the most demanding applications, the software provides useful tools to help you write automation programs, as well as to simulate and debug the application.
In most cases you do not even need an SIM card to control the application you are creating, because the messages and telephone calls can be simulated.

Other features of the GAT devices:

  • ABS plastic housing, for mounting on a DIN-rail 35mm in electrical panel.
  • Powered with 8..36V DC, with consumption about 0.25W at rest.
  • GSM communication works with any normal micro-SIM type mobile phone card.


GAT CE RoHS etc 01The GAT devices are manufactured in Europe and follow the harmonized directives for safety and electromagnetic compartibility (CE).

They are suitable for the industry and also for home facilities.


They come to you with:

  • Complete documentation with application examples
  • Responsible support from the company "EDY electronics"
  • 24 months warranty
The GAT devices are available in 2 types:

GAT-1 with 4 inputs and 2 outputs

GAT-1 drawing

GAT-2 with 8 inputs and 4 outputs







EN 60 715 TH35 DIN rails


70 x 86 x 65 mm (DIN rail 4M)


PPO - PC ( UL94 V-0 )

Working Temperature: 

-15..+60 ºC

Relative Humidity: 

0 ... 90% (non condensed)


 GAT-1 : 135gr,  GAT-2 : 165gr 


Supply Voltage:

8 .. 36V DC
Overvoltage/reverse polarity protection:+/- 40V


Maximum:   GAT-1 : 5W, GAT-2 : 6W 

On rest: 0,3W

For each active relay + 0,45W

GSM communication: 3,5W

Relay outputs:

Number:   GAT-1 : 2,   GAT-2 : 4  3A/30VDC / 3A/250VAC AC1 (EN61810-1)

Voltage inputs:

Number:   GAT-1 : 4,   GAT-2 : 8 
Input resistance: 19,7ΚΩ +/-2%
Protection: +/- 50V continuously, +/-150V for 1 sec
Recommended operating voltage: 0 .. +36V DC
Voltage measurement: Range: 0 .. +10V DC, Resolution: 10mV, Accuracy: +/- 0,2% / +/-10mV

Auxiliary output +5V DC:

5,16V +/- 5% / 0,2A max. with overload and polarity protection


All removable terminals:

Cable cross section: 0,25 .. 1,2 mm2

UL 300V/8A, IEC 250V/7A, AC2000V/1Min

GSM antenna connector:

Female SMA 50 Ω

Communication port:

micro USB socket


SIM Card slot:

micro SIM, push-push type

Reset button:

Hidden Tact switch, hole diameter: 1,5mm, depth: 2mm

LED indicators:

Status of inputs / outputs and GSM network, function and fault indications

Functional features

GSM module:

QUAD BAND GSM 850/900,1800/1900 MHz

RF output: 2W peak (+33dBm) @ GSM-900,

1W peak (+30dBm) @ DCS-1800

RF input sensitivity: > -106dBm

Voltage Inputs response time:

20 msec (0,02 sec)

Relay Outputs response time:

30 msec (0,03 sec)

Program cycle time:

10 msec (0,01 sec)

USB communication:

Compatible with USB-1.1

Real Time Clock:

   Automatic update from the GSM network.
Autonomy for 48 hours after powering the device for 2 hours


   1Kb EEPROM for operating parameters, automation program & indelible variables

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Retail price ( without V.A.T. ) :
    GAT-1 : 160,00 euro
    GAT-2 : 185,00 euro

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