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Here you will find documentation, application examples and support software for the devices which we support.

GAT-1 / GAT-2

GAT-1 / GAT-2

Application Examples for the GAT devices

The GAT device firmware performs many processes such as managing the GSM communication, sampling inputs, managing outputs etc. The user can activate and configure many operating details of these processes via the available "Functional Parameters Setup" commands.
The firmware also contains a Structured Programming Language interpreter, which is able to execute a "GAT Automation Program" in combination with the above mentioned functionality.

Below you can find application examples for the GAT devices. 
Each example results to a text, the "application program", that contains the description of the application and the commands that implement it. These programs are tested and can serve as templates for new applications.

We recommend that you study these examples, as they present many key features of the GAT devices. 

GAT-1 example 1 animation
Example #1 :
Notification with SMS for state changes on inputs



GAT-1 example 2 animation
Example #2 :
Remote Controlling and Automation of a Water Tank


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More examples will be added.
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Installation / update of the "GAT Communicator" application

 The "GAT Communicator" is a Windows application which is used for the easy programming and testing of the GAT-1 / GAT-2 devices. 

 The installation or upgrade of the application is done with the execution of the program “GATcommXXX_Install.exe” (XXX is the version number), which you can download from this link:


The installation process has 3 steps.
To advance the process you press the button "Next", to cancel the installation you press the button "Cancel".

gatcomm install 00


In the second step the software installation path is displayed, as suggested by the computer operating system. The user has the option to choose another path.

When updating an existing software, this path must be the same with the one of the existing installation.

gatcomm install 01


In the final step, you press the "Install" button to start the files copying.
After a few seconds and if all goes well, the program will confirm the successful installation.
Click the button "Finish".

gatcomm install 02


After the installation, a new folder has been created in the Windows Applications menu.
It is named "GAT Communicator" and contains shortcuts for:

  • the documentation files
  • the application "GATcomm"
  • the USB driver installer
  • and the software uninstaller.

gatcomm program folder 00 

First run of the "GATcomm" application, setup of the "Work folder"

The application "GATcomm" needs a "work folder".
This folder will contain subfolders with the GAT device information files and the application examples and also is the default path to store the user-generated GAT application programs.
It is called "GATcomm_data" and can be the path suggested by the system or any other path chosen by the user.

GATcomm work folder tree01


On its first run after the installation, the application displays a message that no "Work Folder" was found and prompts the user to solve this issue via the dialog window "Settings".

GATcomm no work folder02


A similar situation occurs after the update of the "GATcomm" application to a new version.

GATcomm update message01


In both above cases, the dialog window "Settings" opens automatically.
The user must verify that the work folder path is set correctly or adjust it to his likings.
Then, with the "Copy support folders" selected, he must click the button "Apply".

GATcomm work folder set01


Almost there...

After the above steps, the application "GATcomm" and the neccesary folders are installed. 
To start communicating with a GAT device, the last thing needed to be done is the installation of the USB driver.
This is explained in the next section.


USB driver installation for the GAT devices

In order for the "GATcomm" software to be able to communicate with a GAT device through the USB port, the operating system needs the appropriate USB driver.

To install this driver, you must open the "GAT communicator" program folder in the Windows "Start" menu and execute the program "Install_GAT_USB_driver".

usb drv install 00


After pressing the button "Next", the USB device driver installation will start.

 usb drv install 01 


After some seconds and if all goes well, the program will confirm the successful installation.
Click the button "Finish".

usb drv install 02


From now on, the GAT devices will be recognized by the system as "libusb-win32 devices".
You can verify this by opening the Windows "Device Manager":




Documentation (PDF files) for the GAT devices

GAT User Guide  GAT Device Description & User Manual

Greek  Greek   English  English  


GAT Programming Guide

  GAT Device Programming Guide

Greek  Greek   English  English  


GATcomm User Guide

  "GAT Communicator" software Installation & Operating Manual

Greek  Greek   English  English  




PLAYMAC Audio Reproduction System


Here you can download the detailed description of the PLAYMAC audio reproduction system,
so you can start composing your own audio sets:

 PLAYMAC Audio Reproduction System (greek) 

 Here you can download the sound files
which were used for the PLAYMAC demo:

 PLAYMAC demo sound files 


For the following devices the production has stopped.
Support is provided for the already installed devices. 



The Application "EDY-Communicator" and the GAT8.4 support files




GCB-1 Documentation (PDF files)

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